LPS is addressing some of the most challenging issues in urban education - and finding solutions


Leadership Public Schools (LPS) is a network of outstanding public charter high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our mission is to prepare traditionally underserved students to succeed in college and become leaders in their communities, while at the same time developing replicable practices that can improve urban education across the nation. Our strategy is to serve as a “research and development” organization that addresses critical challenges in urban education. We incubate innovative ideas, collect data, and scale ideas that work – both across our schools and across the country.

LPS Statistics Graphic

When students arrive at LPS, large numbers are significantly below grade in English and /or  Math and many have borne witness to violence. 99% of LPS graduates are accepted to college.  Our academic program ensures that all students meet or exceed the University of California’s A-G academic entrance requirements.  To do so, we place special emphasis on accelerating the achievement of 9th graders, regularly seeing gains of 2-3 grade levels in that critical year.

We believe strongly in the integration of technology – as a teaching tool, not a silver bullet. All classrooms provide Chrome laptops for every student and fully utilize the Google suite to support extensive writing, online collaboration, research, goal setting, data tracking and flipped instruction.  We also believe in the importance of non-cognitive skills, restorative practices and positive behavioral approaches. And we believe in the importance of out-of-school and community-embedded experiences whether through our unique narrative drama program with the Richmond Police Department, intense summer experiences around the globe, or our dual enrollment program utilizing Merritt College online courses.

Supported by these innovative approaches, our students consistently out-perform demographic peers. All three schools have achieved accolades as among the highest achieving Bay Area High Schools for Latino students, and LPS Hayward and LPS Richmond were awarded US News & World Report’s “Best US High Schools” Gold rating and Bay Area “Top 25” overall rankings.  We are also achieving national impact through our partnerships with districts and the scaling of powerful technologies we have developed. Most particularly, as the R & D laboratory for Gooru, an ed tech non-profit that has integrated our technology innovations into their powerful Learning Navigator platform.