97% of LPS graduating students are college-bound

FAQ | Leadership Public Schools

What makes Leadership Public School unique
Leadership Public Schools is an entrepreneurial “research and development” organization seeking solutions for the most difficult issues in public education. As in most urban high schools, Leadership Public Schools students enter our classrooms with many academic deficiencies as well as areas of strength. This reality requires innovative solutions to help accelerate students who have academic gaps while providing advanced learners with new challenges. LPS is leveraging the design processes of the private sector and the power of partnerships to develop solutions that are uniformly rigorous, yet flexible enough to address individual student needs.

What is the LPS academic philosophy?
The LPS academic philosophy is founded on three distinguishing characteristics: College Ready Curriculum, College Ready Supports and a College Ready Culture. The LPS College Ready Curriculum is a UC-approved “A-G curriculum” providing course-eligibility to enter the CSU or UC system. Our goal is that 100% of LPS graduates meet the UC/CSU eligibility requirements in comparison to 35% statewide.

Our average teacher to student ratio is smaller than a typical high school and provides a level of support not usually available to high school students in California. The small class structure is a key component of our College Ready Supports program designed with the goal of knowing “every student by name and need”.

In addition to the cultural supports embedded in the school day, a unique feature of LPS is the LPS Signature Experiences. This includes the Freshman Leadership Retreat, the yearly Week Without Walls and a four-year Advisory group that provides a venue for building skills in personal reflection, communication and conflict resolution.

LPS Personalized Pathways to College
The LPS Personalized Pathways to College program uses diagnostic data and computer assisted supports to provide each student with a roadmap to graduating high school and preparing for college success. Students also receive intensive counseling and tailored instruction based on their progress throughout the year. The personalized learning pathways are having an impact on both accelerating student learning in reading and math, as well as helping

How many of your graduates are accepted to college?
LPS continues to deliver on its promise to prepare our graduating seniors for success in college. Ninety-seven percent of LPS graduates across the network have been accepted to college. Eighty-five percent of them will be first first generation college students.

How many LPS schools are in the Bay Area?
LPS currently operates four public high schools in Richmond, Oakland, Hayward and San Jose.

What does the “Leadership” part of the school mean?
Both the LPS school culture and curriculum focus on building future leaders with the skills, dispositions and credentials to make a difference in their communities. By fusing academic habits of mind and leadership skills with real-world projects, we place a continued focus on preparing students for the cultural challenges of college and future leadership.

What is a charter school and how is it different from a public school?
A charter school is a tuition-free public school open to all students. Charter schools make a promise of results to the community that is described in the school charter. Leadership Public School’s promise is that all our students will be offered a college prep program in a safe and supportive environment; they will be taught by professional teachers who are committed to the community we serve; and they will be offered a personalized educational experience designed tp prepare them for college and leadership within their communities. The LPS curriculum is designed to ensure that all of our graduates will have passed the CAHSEE and qualify to apply to the CSU/UC system.

How many students are accepted each year?
A maximum of 125 students are accepted into each class through a lottery system. Any students who are not selected in the lottery are put on the school waitlist. All LPS campuses are tuition-free and open to all.

How are charter schools funded?
Charter schools are public schools so they receive funding according to enrollment (also called average daily attendance, or ADA) from the district and the state according to the number of students attending. LPS continues to fundraise actively to provide the range of rigorous and personalized supports necessary to fulfill our mission.

How do I enroll?
The Leadership Public Schools network of public charter high schools is currently accepting enrollment interest forms for the next academic year and may have room for mid-year transfers. Deadlines for applications differ by campus during the spring each year. Please contact each school directly to arrange a tour and learn more about the application deadlines or mid-year transfer opportunities.