LPS is addressing some of the most challenging issues in urban education – and finding solutions.

Superintendent & CEO

Louise Bay Waters

Dear Friends,

LPS was born from the conviction that a child’s socioeconomic and geographic circumstances should not limit opportunities for educational excellence. It undergirds the shared vision to which each and every teacher, administrator and board member is dedicated: to prepare 100% of our graduates for success in college and meaningful roles in their communities. The LPS Academic program is designed around providing college preparatory courses and personalized academic supports while preparing our students for the cultural challenges of college and future leadership.

We are exceptionally proud of the strides we have made in targeting some of our nation’s most acute educational needs at the high school level. As we collaboratively find solutions, we are not only enabling ever increasing numbers of our own students to meet our goal of college entrance and success, we are also building a model for other public schools – charter and traditional to address the challenges of urban education.

Thank you for visiting the LPS website. We encourage you to learn more about our academic programinnovations in education technology, and campus culture. Please feel free to send us your comments and questions and we invite you to plan a campus visit to get to know us better.

Dr. Louise Bay Waters