“100% of LPS graduates meet or exceed the University of California academic entrance requirements.”

Program | Leadership Public Schools

Leadership Public Schools is building a system of technology innovations and human collaboration to leapfrog practice, teach college prep and basic skills concurrently, and empower our students to believe in both their academic success and future life options.



College Ready Curriculum
All students participate in a curriculum that ensures college eligibility and prepares them for college success.
All Leadership Public Schools campuses offer students a UC-approved, A-G curriculum providing course-eligibility to enter the CSU or UC system. The biggest predictor of college success is the ability of students to begin college coursework without having to retake courses that were covered in high school.  For this reason, LPS has taken additional steps to make sure that these courses provide the content and “habits of mind” that will ensure success upon college entry.

College Ready Supports
“Every student by name and need”:  All students receive support to bridge where they  enter as 9th graders and where they need to be to succeed in college.
Many LPS students enter our classrooms reading between the second and sixth grade levels, with 60% of our incoming 9th graders performing  below grade-level in core subjects. In order to bridge this academic gap, LPS campuses offer specialized reading classes for students at entering at the elementary reading level and develops college preparatory literacy skills through the Academic Leadership course all freshmen take. In addition, every student enrolled in Algebra 1 takes a companion Academic Numeracy course to back-fill missing skills.  At least every six weeks, staff  review the academic, attendance, and behavior data for each student to place them appropriately in after school tutoring and Saturday or vacation catch-up Boot Camps. 

College Ready Culture
All students develop a sense of personal efficacy and purpose and a wider world vision that will allow them to succeed in high school and beyond.
From the beginning, LPS’ vision has been to build future leaders with the skills, dispositions, and credentials to make a difference in their communities. The four-year Advisory group provides a venue for building skills in personal reflection, communication and conflict resolution that prepare students for the cultural challenges of college and future leadership. In addition to the cultural supports embedded in the school day, a unique feature of LPS is the LPS Signature Experiences program. This includes the Freshmen Leadership Retreat and the yearly “Week Without Walls,” as well as college tours and clubs and activities.