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ExitTicket is an innovative and powerful real-time interactive student response system development by LPS. ExitTicket dramatically improves student outcomes across the content areas by leveraging two major agents of change, students and teachers, in the powerful use of real-time data. Using any wifi-enabled device, teachers can easily check for understanding, using real-time data displayed on their iPad to provide immediate intervention, pull small groups, or do full-class re-teaching. Students track their mastery of learning targets, gaining confidence through micro-successes. For more information, see
FlexMath is a highly successful, web-based, interactive Algebra program with individualized practice and backfill support for numeracy skills. The program was prototyped by LPS and then tested, produced, and disseminated by the CK-12 Foundation.

LPS CK-12 College Access Readers
The CK-12 Foundation has created a line of free, open-source, online curriculum resources which LPS has tailored to address one of the most pressing issues in urban education today: how to teach rigorous content and literacy skills simultaneously. Embedded comprehension and vocabulary supports enable underprepared students to access college preparatory coursework – a necessity if the dream of college is to become a reality. 

Algebra I - College Access Reader cover image

College Access Reader: Algebra 1
College Access Reader: Algebra 1 is CK-12 Algebra flexed to align with FlexMath and includes embedded literacy supports.

Geometry - College Access Reader cover image College Access Reader: Geometry
CK-12 Geometry flexed to align with College Access Geometry with embedded literacy supports.
Geometry - Lesson Plans and Exams cover image

Michael Fauteux and Rosamaria Zapata, LPS-Hayward math teachers, authors.

A structured Geometry program of daily lesson plans and teacher supports.

Biology - College Access Reader cover image College Access Reader: Biology

CK-12 Biology flexed to provide extensive literacy supports.

With Text-to-Speech cover image College Access Reader: With Text-to-Speech & Spanish Translation Supports

Accelerating the achievement of urban high school students by embedding literacy instruction in college preparatory curricula.