LPS Hayward is comprised of a highly qualified team of teachers and administrators—all deeply committed to their students.

LPS Hayward Faculty

LPS-Hayward is comprised of an experienced and highly qualified team of teachers and administrators—all deeply committed to their students and the LPS mission. All teachers are credentialed in their subject areas.  Upon entering LPS, each student is assigned an advisor who acts as that student’s advocate and parent liaison throughout his or her four years of high school.


  ABELES, Rebecca - English/Academic Dean
Becca Abeles is enjoying her seventh year at LPS Hayward. She began teaching 11th grade English in 2008 and now teaches 10th grade English and 11th AP Language. Becca authors curriculum and assessments for English 10 and AP Language teachers across the network. Before joining LPS, she studied English literature at UC Berkeley and graduated with honors in 2008. It was in Berkeley that her interest in teaching developed; taking on a role as a student teacher in June Jordan’s Poetry for the People allowed her to build her skills and experience working with young adults. At LPS she shares her passions for poetry and theater in her English classes, and has brought a love of improv to several years’ of Week Without Walls groups. Other achievements include two time champion of Dancing with the Teachers. She is most proud to have graduated an advisory in 2012, and to watch her current advisees grow up!
  Dr. AGUILAR, Claudia – College Counseling Coordinator
As the College Counseling Coordinator, Dr. Aguilar oversees the counseling department at LPS Hayward and supports all college advising efforts across all Leadership Public Schools. Dr. Aguilar immigrated to the Bay Area from Nicaragua at the age of seven. She is the oldest of three sisters and a first-generation college graduate. Dr. Aguilar was raised in Hayward and graduated from Mt. Eden High School (1996) wherewith the guidance of the Early Academic Outreach Program, was able to enroll at UC Berkeley and earn a BA in Social Welfare. With the financial assistance of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, she earned a master’s and a doctoral degrees from the University of San Francisco. Over the last fifteen years, through her capacity as a college professor, school counselor, and college bound coordinator, she has worked directly with students, families, teachers, counselors, and administrators throughout the K-16 pipeline to ensure that students meet their academic and personal goals. Dr. Aguilar resides in Oakland with her husband Orson Aguilar and their children (Emilio, Nayeli and Danilo).

AGUILAR, Felicia – Office Assistant

Ms. Aguilar was born and raised in Hayward. She graduated from California High School in San Ramon and is currently attending Chabot College in pursuit of an AA degree in Science. She will then transfer to pursue a Nursing Degree in Pediatrics. Ms Aguilar has been with LPS Hayward since 2006.

ALLBRIGHT, Taylor – English

Taylor received her English credential from the Mills College Teachers for Tomorrow’s Schools program. Prior to entering the education field, Taylor co-produced the documentary Miss Representation, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She majored in Political Science and Gender Studies at UC Berkeley, where she also served as vice president of the campus student government. Ms. Allbright joined LPS Hayward in 2010.

BARBOZA, Benjamin – Counseling Intern

Benjamin Barboza is a counseling intern at LPS for the 2014-2015 school year. He was born and raised in Los Angeles by immigrant parents from El Salvador and Peru. He moved to northern California to attend UC Davis where he majored in Sociology and Chicana/o Studies.  He has over ten years experience working with youth in different capacities, most recently as a health educator in the Union City and Hayward areas. He is currently in his second year of a Masters in Counseling program at San Francisco State. His passions include transition into post-secondary institutions for first generation college students, issues of inequality and poverty, and urban education.
  Bedolla Janet 2014 BEDOLLA, Janet – Counseling Intern
Ms. Janet Bedolla is the counseling intern at LPS Hayward for the 2014-2015 school year! She grew up in the small town of Williams, Ca. Ms. Bedolla received an Associates in Science in Behavioral science before attending Sacramento State University and attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is currently in her second year of the Counselor Education Graduate Program at San Jose State University and is working for her Masters, PPS Credential, and LPCC License. She has worked as a recreation counselor with foster youth and was a substitute for the Colusa County Office of Education for a number of years. Ms. Bedolla is enjoying her time at LPS Hayward learning to be a more effective counselor and is excited of what is in store the rest of the year!
  Burns Jeremy 2014 Dr. BURNS, Jeremy - Psychology
 Jeremy Burns is School Psychologist for LPS Hayward and Oakland, and teaches AP Psychology in Hayward. Dr. Burns attended Bard College in upstate NY before relocating to the Bay Area for graduate school. He has two Ph.D.s from UC Berkeley (German Literature and Culture, 2006; Educational Psychology 2010). This is Dr. Burn’s fourth year serving the Hayward and Oakland sites as School Psychologist, and his first year teaching AP Psychology.
  Curry Matt 2014 CURRY, Matt - Learning Specialist/Math
Bio coming soon.
  Dantkner Alicia 2014 DANTZKNER, Alicia – Biology
Alicia Dantzker is in her second year at LPS Hayward, where she began teaching Biology and Chemistry. This year, she excited to continue teaching Biology as well as serve as one of the Biology Course Facilitators for the network. She grew up in Berkeley and majored in Human Biology at Stanford, where she also receieved her M.A. in Psychology in 2007. Since then, she has taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Genetics at schools around the Bay Area. In her free time, she loves to play Ultimate Frisbee with her team, Fury, and with the LPS Firehawks.
   DECKER, Heather – Counselor (Students’ last names A-L)
Counselor for students with last names A-L. Mrs. Decker joined LPS in 2007 and is currently one of the School Counselors. She attended San Jose State University and earned a B.A. in Psychology with a focus on adolescent development and a minor in Theatre Arts and a M.A. in School Counseling. Prior to working at LPS, Mrs. Decker gained experience working as a classroom counselor for students with emotional disabilities and taught theatre in their middle school special education classrooms. Mrs. Decker enjoys spreading the LPS message through community outreach programs and assisting all students to be successful in reaching their college goals.
   De SOUSA, Michael – Principal
Mr. De Sousa graduated from UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and earning his Master’s in Education. He is familiar with LPS Hayward because he served as Resident Principal during the 2008-2009 school year. He is committed to working at schools that redefine the American educational experience. Through powerful teaching and a culture of high expectations, students of all backgrounds and economic states can thrive in college and beyond. He embraces At LPS Hayward for the way the organization is leveraging great teachers, a strong school culture and innovation to help students become scholars and leaders in their communities.
  Ellis Laurie 2014 Dr. Laurie Ellis – Math
Dr. Ellis is excited to join the LPS family! She and her husband have just recently relocated to California after living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 23 years. Having grown up in New Jersey, she is thrilled to say she has lived on both coasts, as well as the Midwest. Over the past 16 years, Dr. Ellis has taught math and engineering courses, and was the AVID Director at her previous school. She earned her M.Ed. in Educational Technology at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. In May, she completed her PhD in Educational Leadership also at Cardinal Stritch University. Her dissertation focused on Character Strengths in High School students, with an emphasis on Grit and Mindset. Dr. Ellis believes that students who possess a growth mindset and grit can overcome any obstacles life may toss their way. As a teacher, she encourages students to take risks and learn from failure.
   FARRAND, Sara – Spanish
Ms. Farrand was born in El Salvador, from North American parents. She grew up and studied in the city of San Salvador and graduated from the American School. She had to leave San Salvador in 1980 because of the civil war, but returned after seven months to finish high school. Having lived in a third-world country during a 12 year war has made Ms. Farrand very sensitive to human suffering and very appreciative of the good things that life has to offer. Ms. Farrand once played team basketball but now likes to swim for fun. Living so near to the warm ocean waters of the Central American coasts, she learned to deal with ocean currents and have fun in the waves. With both grandparents living in El Salvador, she enjoys visiting them in their country homes and riding horses there. She feels she was born a teacher, and started by teaching Sunday school for her church since she was 15 years old. She has two degrees in Education, one with a specialty in early childhood education. She also has a Masters Degree in Management from Spain. Ms. Farrand has been working since she was in the University, teaching English, Spanish, pre-school, middle and high school in various subjects. Ms. Farrand was the co-founder and owner of a cultural/gourmet establishment. She has three teenage children: two sons and one daughter, and she recently came to live in the U.S. to remarry. Currently, she lives in the East Bay.
  ferguson Sqy 2014 FERGUSON, Sqy - Social Science
Sqy was born and raised in San Diego, and graduated from San Diego State University with a single subject credential in social science.  For four years she worked at Helix High School as an academic coach, working with at-risk students across the curriculum.  From 2011-2013, she worked at a private school in  Vietnam as a high school social studies teacher and department chair, serving a population that is 98% ELL. Teaching social studies has been something she has wanted to do since high school. Her passion for teaching and love of both the subject matter, and students keep her motivated to learn new strategies and collaborate with others.
   GIKANGA, Simon – IT Coordinator
Mr. Gikanga joined LPS in 2004. Simon loves working with computers and helping everyone at school with technology. He attended ITT Technology Institute, and is one of Hayward’s founding staff members.
  Goldberg Diana 2014 GOLDBERG, Diana – English/Academic Leadership
Ms. Goldberg is very excited for her second year at LPS! Along with teaching Aclead and English 9, she is the advisor to Drama Club and Gay-Straight Alliance. She was born and raised in the Chicago area and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Go Badgers! Ms. Goldberg’s dream of being a teacher started at age 5 and her dream was fueled by her passion for literature. While at UW-Madison, she spent her time being a director and member of a comedy improv group. She loves her Chicago and Wisconsin sports and played soccer, tennis, and softball growing up! Ms. Goldberg spends her free time writing music, reading, singing, running, hiking, and doing yoga. She is passionate about using literature as a means to travel the world, learn new persepctives, and awaken to our heart’s needs without ever leaving our seats. She believes in the unique beauty of every student’s journey as he or she begins to develop an identity, a voice, and a powerful place within our community. Favorite authors include: John Green, Thorton Wilder, Audre Lorde, Marie Lu, J.K. Rowling, and Vladimir Nabakov. “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  Hayes Laura 2014 HAYES, Laura – Math/Academic Numeracy
Ms. Hayes is thrilled to be joining the LPS community! She spent the last six years teaching Algebra at Oakland Technical High School, where she also served as Math Department Chair. She is absolutely obsessed with ninth graders, and loves to be a part of this transformative year in their life. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ms. Hayes now considers California home and will never be able to return to the cold! She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her Bachelors in Business, and is currently working towards her Masters in Education from UC-Berkeley’s Principal Leadership Institute.
  Heslop Caleb 2014  HESLOP, Caleb– Math
Mr. Heslop is in his second year at LPS and teaches Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus. He enjoyed his time immensely last year as he learned about the LPS community as a teacher and as the assistant varsity soccer coach. Previously he was a resident of Syracuse, NY where he taught in the city of Syracuse for seven years. Prior to that he was working on his M.S. in Mathematics Education at Syracuse University. While there he was part of a research grant Data Driven Algebra Project funded by General Electric. This project had Mr. Heslop work with the teachers and students of eight middle schools in the Syracuse City School District. It was this training and the common ideals and beliefs of the LPS community that has him excited for the opportunity to continue teaching at LPS Hayward. Mr. Heslop believes that all students can become accomplished problem solvers and successful in Mathematics.
    HOFFPAUIR, Celeste – Ethnic Studies/Academic Leadership
Celeste Hoffpauir is enjoying her second year as an Ethnic Studies and Academic Leadership teacher at LPS Hayward. She joined the LPS. team in 2010 after teaching for six years at Winton Middle School in Hayward, where she chaired the English department and taught World History, Literature, and a Theatre Arts elective course. She brings with her a wide array of professional training including advanced training with Reading Apprenticeship model/Strategic Literacy Initiative with West. Ed., Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop Model, and S.I.O.P. /S.D.A.I.E. training with H.U.S.D. She earned a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology at U.C. Santa Cruz in 2000 and Master’s in Education at U.C. Santa Barbara in 2004. Ms. Hoffpauir is committed to revitalizing and supporting teachers in Urban Education; she facilitates national Courage and Renewal retreats for educators, co-leads a Mindfulness in Education group locally, and is in her fourth year coaching new teachers with the California B.T.S.A. program.
 Holguin Laura 2014 HOLGUIN, Laura – Counselor (Student’s last names M-Z)
Ms. Holguin was born and raised in Hayward, California; she graduated from Hayward High School in 2006. With assistance from the Early Academic Outreach Program, she enrolled at UC Berkeley and earned a B.A. in English and in Ethnic Studies. After graduating from UC Berkeley in May of 2010 she began working for UC Berkeley Destination College Advising Corps, a college outreach program that is part of the National College Advising Corps. She worked as a College Adviser at Willow Glen Middle School in San Jose, CA during the 2010-2011 school year. For the past three years she has been working as the College Adviser at Coliseum College Prep Academy in Oakland, CA. After two years of graduate studies, and interning at LPS Hayward during one of those years, she received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in School Counseling from the University of San Francisco. Ms. Holguin is very passionate about serving her community and helping all students reach their goals.
 Kaar Sylvester 2014 KAAR, Sylvester – Social Science
Mr. Kaar was born in Liberia West Africa and was raised in Hayward Ca. He graduated from Mount Eden High School and attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Ct. Through his fraternity, Omega Phi Kappa Fraternity Incorporated, Mr. Kaar helped to mentor local students to be active and productive members in their community. Mr. Kaar graduated from Sacred Heart University with a BA in History. Mr. Kaar attended John F. Kennedy School of Law, in Pleasant Hill Ca and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. Mr. Kaar is excited to enter his first year teaching World History, having previously provided academic support to students at LPS as a Resource Specialist. Mr. Kaar enjoys playing and watching futbol, traveling, and playing the Alto Saxophone.
    KEATING, David – Art
Mr Keating earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 2001 and Masters in K-12 Art Education in 2003. Both degrees are from Austin College in Sherman Texas. He began his teaching career in Houston, Texas at Hoffman Middle School and spent two years there, but then went to teach at Nimitz Senior High for another year. In 2006, he taught in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In P.V. he was the Art Teacher for the whole school, including Nursery through 12th grade. After two years of serving privileged students he decided to switch his focus to volunteer in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. He volunteered as an English teacher and after school activities coordinator in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca. He then moved to the SF Bay Area where he received the opportunity to be the Art 1 Teacher at LPS Hayward. Mr. Keating joined LPS Hayward in 2008.
  Leu Masako 2014  LEU, Masako “Grandma” – Meal Service Assistant
  Little Sandy 2014 LITTLE, Sandy – English
Sandy Little graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA with a Master’s degree in Urban Education in 2001 and has been a dedicated teacher in non-profits and charter schools since then. Sandy taught at Match Public Charter High School for six years where she earned the EPIC Spotlight Teacher Award for increasing her students’ scores on the state exit exam to unprecedented levels, resulting in every Match sophomore earning either Proficient or Advanced. After ten years in Boston, she heard California calling and is very excited to join the team at LPS Hayward where she will be teaching 10th and 11th grade English. When she’s not in the classroom, Sandy can be found walking by the ocean, reading with a cup of tea, setting up a tent, or planning her next travel adventure. She is very excited to share her passions with her students and learn about theirs!
  Luu Christina 2014 LUU, Christina – English
Ms. Luu is new to LPS and is excited to teach English CP2 and CP4 this year. Born in Michigan and raised in Los Angeles, you may note her affinity for blue and yellow. After four years at UCLA, Ms. Luu continued her education at CSU Northridge, where she received both her teaching credential and Masters’ degree in English Education while teaching in various parts of Los Angeles, including the inner city. In her free time, Ms. Luu enjoys traveling, backpacking in national parks, overcoming her fears (she has bungee jumped off of a bridge, zip-lined through trees, and gone spelunking in caves), and discovering the best food on the planet.
   McCAFFREY, Michael – English
Mr. McCaffrey has been with LPS for five years, and has taught 9th, 10th, and 12th grade AP English in addition to being a Lead Teacher and now a Master Teacher (as of the 2011-2012 school year) as well as serving as a teacher coach. He is proud to be the Lady Royals soccer coach and looks forward to taking the team to a third straight league championship this season. Before working at LPS Hayward, he worked for LPS Oakland and before that he was the Academic Dean and Lead English Instructor at the School Down Under in New Zealand. He has spent several summers working with Mr. Fauteux to facilitate at Harvard’s Secondary School Redesign Institute, leading groups of superintendents, principals and teachers in rethinking their individual challenges from an instructional point of view. He graduated from UC Berkeley’s top-ranked English Department in 2001 (B.A. English Literature) and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education (Ed.M.) in 2004
 person-placeholder McCLAUGHLIN, Crystal – Physical Education
 Ms. McLaughlin was born in Berkeley, California but raised in Hayward, California. She graduated from Redwood Christian High School in 2008. She attended Ohlone Junior College from 2009-2012;she graduated with an AA in Humanities in 2012. She also played 2 years of collegiate basketball while attending Ohlone College. After graduating from Ohlone College, she attend Bluefield State College located in West Virginia; where she was recruited to play basketball. She only spent one year in West Virginia, where she then transferred to Notre Dame de Namur University. She finished her last year of basketball (13-14) there but is currently in her last year of school where she will receive a BS in Kinesiology. Coach Crystal is also LPS-Hayward’s girl’s basketball coach.
 Molina Emma 2014 MOLINA, Emma – Intervention Specialist
Ms. Molina was born in Nicaragua, Central America. She came to the United States with her parents when she was 7 years old. She was raised in Hayward and graduated from Mt. Eden High School. She then attended Cal State Hayward where she got her undergrad in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication. She later earned a teaching credential from Cal State East Bay and recently graduated with her Masters degree in Education with an option in curriculum from Cal State East Bay as well. Ms. Molina enjoys dancing Latin music and spending quality time with her 5-year-old daughter Daniela. This is Ms. Molina’s third year at LPS as an Academic Intervention coordinator where she supports administration, teachers, students and families.
 Moos Alex 2014 MOOS, Alex - Science
Mr. Moos is in his second year teaching physics at LPS Hayward. Before teaching at Hayward, he taught for two years at LPS San Jose. He grew up in a small town in Missouri and upon graduating high school, he moved out to California to attend UC Santa Cruz. There, he received his B.S. in physics and M.A. in education. When he isn’t teaching or coaching basketball, Alex likes to travel, build things, hang out with his dog Chewie, and spend time with his finance Nichole.
  Palma Kelly 2015 PALMA, Kelly – English/Academic Leadership
Kelly Palma is excited to start her first year at LPS Hayward! Ms. Palma was born in San Francisco but she was raised in Hayward, CA. She is an LPS Hayward alum class of 2010! Ms. Palma had a rough start in the beginning of high school but with proper guidance from LPS’ very own faculty, she was able to get back on track. She went on to college and earned her Bachelor’s Degree at University of California, Santa Cruz with a double major in Sociology and Legal Studies; she is a first generation college graduate. While at UCSC, she helped establish a prelaw organization and became president of Phi Alpha Delta, Intl. Her organization helped its members build their leadership skills and was active in teaching the community about their legal rights. She was also a teaching assistant in a UCSC undergraduate class called Latino Literature. Ms. Palma is excited to come back to her old high school to teach Academic Leadership. She is passionate about sharing her experiences as a former student and as a college graduate to her students. Ms. Palma enjoys playing soccer and football.
   NAVARRO, Yasmin – Spanish
Yasmin Navarro grew up in Houston, Texas and did her undergraduate education at Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She studied Spanish and Psychology and is currently a 2010 Teach for America Corps Member. She enjoys teaching Spanish literature and is a welcome fit to the LPS family. She is a jazz bassist and singer.
  Peterson Elaine 2014 PETERSON, Elaine – Resource Specialist
Ms. Peterson was born and raised in the Bay Area. She earned her B.A. in Development Studies at U.C. Berkeley, and later earned her M.Ed. and Learning Specialist credential at Holy Names University in Oakland. She is an educational therapist, working with individual students with learning differences during the summer. Last year, she was the resource specialist in an Oakland Unified elementary school. This is her first year teaching at LPS. When she’s not teaching, Ms. Peterson is hiking, meditating, singing and figthing for social justice.
  person-placeholder QUAN, Quanina - Science
Quanina Quan received her bachelor of science in molecular biology from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a minor in education studies. During that time, She worked as an outreach mentor for the non-profit ScienceBridge. As an outreach mentor, She worked with over a hundred teachers in San Diego county coaching them through a variety of lab curriculum and training students to be teacher assistants. She went on to receive her master of education and single subject teaching credential from UCSD. She has taught an undergraduate Education Studies course at UCSD where her undergraduates designed hands-on labs and inquiry based biology curriculum for high school biology students at Clairemont High School in San Diego.
  Liz Rivera 2012 RIVERA, Liz – School Manager
Ms. Rivera joined the LPS Hayward staff in 2006. Born and raised in Hayward, she is a first generation college graduate, born to migrant farm-workers who settled in the Bay Area.  Ms. Rivera is very passionate about supporting students in their educational endeavors, especially those coming from underserved populations such as her own.  She attended California State University, East Bay and earned a BS degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Psychology.    Ms. Rivera has a long history of working with non-profit organizations that assist high school students in professional development and obtaining success in college.  One of her most endearing moments in life is when she met César Chavez, founder of the United Farm Workers Union.
  Ross Tyler 2014 ROSS, Tyler – Social Science
Tyler Ross received his Masters in Education from the Citadel Military College and his BA in United States History from the College of Charleston. After teaching eighth grade U.S. History and coaching boys varsity track in Charleston, Mr. Ross headed to New York City where he taught for five years in a traditional public high school environment. From there he joined a progressive, project-based school where he taught ELA and World History, served as union chapter leader, and acted as advisor to over thirty students for both academic-related needs and internship programs. Last August 2013, Mr. Ross joined LPS Hayward to teach CP Government/Economics and AP Government. He is now happy to call California his home and feels grateful that he can continue to help youngsters meet their full potential by preparing them for the rigors of college and beyond. When not at school, Mr. Ross enjoys cooking, taking his daughter to the park, and spending time with his wife.
  Saeugling Seth 2014 SAEUGLING, Seth – Resouce Specialist
Seth Saeugling was born and raised in the Midwest’s heartland, in Iowa City, Iowa. He attended University of Minnesota for undergrad where he realized his dream was to have the privilege of being a classroom teacher. He was a high school special ed teacher in rural Eastern North Carolina in Warren County before moving to Hayward. This is Mr. Saeugling’s first year at LPS. Mr. Saeugling recharges by playing basketball, esaping to pretty nature, playing chess, reading, writing, and learning with friends.
  Shi h Jennifer 2014 SHIH, Jennifer - Math
Jennifer Shih is excited to start her first year at LPS Hayward! Ms. Shih was born and raised in Ventura, CA. She moved to the Bay Area to attend the University of California, Berkeley. She graduated in 2013 where with a degree in Geophysics and minor in Science and Math Education. Last year, Jennifer taught math and science at a middle school in east Oakland. Over the summer, Jennifer works at SMASH Academy at the University of Southern California where she lives with and mentors 70 high school students from south central Los Angeles who are passionate about math, science, and social justice.
 Wandera Omar 2014 WANDERA, Omar – Assistant Principal
Omar Wandera grew up in Oakland and attended Oakland Technical High School. During his tenure at Oakland Tech he was influenced by teachers in an interesting way. On one end he was motivated by teachers that took the time to help him, have faith in him, and get him on the right track. He was equally driven by those who told him he’d do nothing in life and showed very little support. Through his school experiences he realized the importance of having someone on your side that believes in you and decided while in high school that he would model those that affected him in a positive way, and be the antithesis of those that did not. Mr. Wandera continued his education at Norfolk State University in Virginia. While at Norfolk State, he participated in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Academic Team, was president of the Epsilon Pi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and made the Dean’s List. He went on to do his student teaching at Maury High School, and Azalea Gardens Middle School. After graduation, Omar taught at Lake Taylor High School and Azalea Garden Middle School. He then moved back to the Bay Area where he served as Academic Coordinator for the Holy Names University Upward Bound Program, Supervisor of Mentoring Services for Instituto Familiar De La Raza, and Dean of Students at KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy.
  ZAPATA, Rose – Math/Innovation Coordinator
Ms. Zapata is entering her 6th year at LPS Hayward as a Master Teacher where she has taught Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus. This will be her first year as the Innovation Coordinator: supporting all LPS Hayward teachers in adapting and innovating best practices with technology such as ExitTicket and the Google Apps for Education suite. For the LPS Network, she has been the Network Course Facilitator for Algebra (4 yrs) and Geometry (2 yrs) as well as authored the Algebra 1 and co-authored the Geometry curriculum. Prior to her time at LPS, Ms. Zapata grew up just over the hill in Livermore, California where she excelled in soccer which ultimately lead to her recruitment to play Division-I soccer at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Ms. Zapata graduated from Baylor University with a B.S. in Education specializing in Secondary Mathematics and worked in several different programs developing innovative ways of teaching and accessing mathematics for all students (including GEAR UP! summer and school year programs). After Texas, she decided to move home to the East Bay where she fell in love with the ideals and culture LPS has to offer. Ms. Zapata believes in building confidence and independence in all of her students and that all students can learn and be successful in Mathematics.