Our mission is to transform local and national educational outcomes for students historically under-represented in college, empowering them for a range of college, career and community leadership options.

Teaching and Learning at LPS - Students at the Center

Leadership Public Schools has an integrated view of College, Career and Community Leadership. This includes rigor (the transition to the Common Core), personal relevancy (community embedded,culturally relevant, and development of personal passion), and a personal vision and plan for the future (vision of self in college, career and community, with specific skills and strategies to achieve this). As such our overall academic program design and approach to instruction supports the fulfillment of this vision. Specifically, we believe will prepare all students to be college and career ready community leaders by:

• Building a school culture focused on equity.
• Providing a rigorous and responsive academic program.
• Making connections between academics and real world lives of our students.

By doing so, our approach prepares students for success in college, careers and community leadership by accelerating their academic preparation, building their vision for their futures and supporting their transition to and persistence in college.

We are committed to supporting each and every student to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be successful, and we believe in the centrality of connecting to students’ personal and community identities, building upon and valuing students’ lives and experience, and tapping into their funds of knowledge which are varied, rich and essential to reaching our goals. We believe that we must teach and support students’ learning in ways that value and connect to students’ cultures, develops their passions, strengthens their communities.

Our core beliefs about learning are:

  • RESPONSIVE to student need while focused on deeper learning and rich inquiry
  • DIFFERENTIATED for student need, using personalized learning, as well as data-supported and technology-enhanced instructional strategies
  • ASSET BASED to develop students sense of belonging and to support their positive identity development, and to provide a range of opportunities


The LPS Graduate Profile