Our mission is to transform local and national educational outcomes for students historically under-represented in college, empowering them for a range of college, career and community leadership options.

Teaching and Learning at LPS

We are committed to supporting each and every student to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be successful, and we believe in the centrality of connecting to students’ personal and community identities, building upon and valuing students’ lives and experience, and tapping into their funds of knowledge which are varied, rich and essential to reaching our goals. We believe that we must teach and support students’ learning in ways that value and connect to students’ cultures, develops their passions, strengthens their communities.

Our core beliefs about learning rest on being

  • RESPONSIVE to student need: In order to accelerate learning for all students and to re-engage them in the learning experience given a history of schooling that may have led to disengagement, we need to connect and ensure that students see value in the work they are doing.
  • DIFFERENTIATED for student need: In order for students to see value and to see their growth, we need to differentiate our approach in terms of the pathways that students can take to mastery but also in terms of the methods instruction and learning. Personalized learning may be individual or independent in some cases, and collaborative and communal in others.
  • ASSET BASED – In order to develop students sense of belonging and to support their positive identity development, we must build on and recognize the assets of the students and their communities so that we can enable students to amplify those assets and internalize those and creates a sense of belonging.

Our vision for instructional practices is grounded in three key components:

  • Data rich – with strategic technology usage (ExitTicket) and other non-tech based methods we can gather array of student data to pinpoint areas of strength and areas for development so that learning experiences can be designed and tailored to move accelerate and empower students in their learning journey
  • Connected to personhood – recognize the life path of students – not only the previous schooling but their community and family context to build on the assets that students and communities bring
  • Based on profile – using the combination of the two above, we can design methods and approaches that draw on student interest and will engage them in learning.


The LPS Graduate Profile